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Cyber Security

Secure Your School, Safeguard Your Pupils


We can deploy robust email filtering tools to prevent cyber criminals from getting phishing emails into the inboxes of staff and pupils alike. Most cyber incidents are related to user error, with phishing being used as a gateway to more sophisticated attacks. Alongside our email and user protection measures, we offer comprehensive training for staff that empowers them to recognise and address common and sophisticated phishing attempts alike.

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Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is a particular threats to schools. It is a type of malware that locks down data and systems in order to extort a payment from schools.

We prevent these threats using best in breed anti malware tools. We use cloud-based tools with access to malware libraries that are constantly updated. These tools constantly scan devices and websites without using much CPU or disk space, and offer behavioural analytics to ensure your users are consistently protected from malware compromise.

Our data backup and recovery solution ensures that even if a school is compromised by a ransomware threat, it will be able to side step it by restoring its data and systems quickly and reliably.

DfE and KCSIE Compliance (How compliant is your school survey)

Cyber security and continuous compliance with DfE and KCSIE requirements go hand in hand. With our combined expertise in education and cyber security, we're a uniquely well-placed IT partner for securing your school with measures that precisely adhere to standards and requirements.

We start with a compliance survey that audits your IT environment's security measures and systems against existing standards. Using these assessments, we give you practical insights and can take care of implementing cyber security measures that bring your school or trust into fully compliance.

We are strategic compliance partners, helping schools to proactively address new requirements while making the process simpler and affordable for them.

Students using computer in classroom

Safeguarding & Monitoring

We offer advanced tools that are built to comply with KCSIE standards such as Quantum +, to safeguard pupils by monitoring and filtering the content across their accounts. Ensure that extremist and unsafe content is filtered out of websites and social media platforms such as Youtube, while retaining access to helpful resources across these sites. Access reporting insights into browsing activity on school devices to ensure devices and browsers are being used safely.

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