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Digital Transformation

Enabling Schools To Modernise And Thrive Cost-Effectively

Titanium Cloud for Education

Highly secure and scalable, our managed Titanium cloud package is designed to empower the work, strategy, and compliance of schools and trusts while offering the tailored flexibility they each need. The included end-to-end IT support and management not only empowers better outcomes on the day to day, but gives the strategic and training support that you need to smoothly roll out cost-effective digital transformation initiatives.

Titanium cloud uses the power of Microsoft 365 and integrates seamlessly with LMS software. Driven by a core local team backed by a wider team of DfE, SIP, OFSTED, and RSC consultants, Titanium Cloud is our solution for navigating the array of operational strategic, and compliance challenges facing schools today.

Schoolboy using computer in classroom at primary school
Teenage schoolgirls sitting at desk with digital tablet

Data Back up

We offer a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution for schools and MATs. We backup data to highly secure locations according to ISO 27001 standards and can configure them to comply with the rigorous data protection standards in schools, and test recovery processes against a range of different scenarios. This way we ensure the integrity and rapid recoverability of your data and systems.


We offer full support and management solutions for Microsoft 365 to ensure a seamless and secure learning and teaching environment. Microsoft 365 includes OneDrive for user file storage teachers and students and a full suite of apps for learning and work, including messaging, emailing, documents, and virtual meetings and lessons. It can also integrate with a wide range of LMS software.

Our managed Microsoft 365 platforms will be configured with secure authorisation and security controls that apply to all school devices, enabling lessons, file editing and sharing, device and user account access to all be done securely and easily in one integrated and highly customisable platform.

Teenage schoolboys sitting at desk with digital tablet

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Don't let slow speeds and unreliable connectivity stifle learning and productivity! We provide secure and reliable internet connection options for schools and MATs that are tailored to their infrastructure and needs. We offer a selection of connection packages that enable schools to upgrade their download and upload speeds, ensuring the most value is gained for your staff and students alike.

Students in primary school using tablet to draw
School children using tablet in lesson

Anti Malware

We protect staff and pupils by deploying secure anti-malware software that ensures the security of devices and the browsing of your users from unsecure websites and cyber threats. We use easy to manage, cloud-based solutions that ensure browsing and device use remains compliant with the standards of the DfE and KCSIE standards.


Easy to use, streamlined, scalable, and highly cost-effective, VoIP enables phone calls to be received on laptops, tablets, mobile phones and handsets using an internet connection. Our VIT Talk solution enables staff to call, chat and have face-to-face meetings while working from home, with all calls being recorded for safeguarding and training purposes.

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