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Hard Infrastructure

Your Foundation For Reliable And Engaging Learning Experiences

Achieve Better Outcomes, For Less

Upgrade Network Performance

Improve the reliability and performance of your network to create seamless and uninterrupted learning experiences.

Ensure Security & Compliance

Eliminate vulnerabilities that create safeguarding risks and potential exploits by cyber threats. Comply with DfE connectivity requirements. 

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Use wireless cloud networking solutions to power better performance while lowering short and long term infrastructure costs. 

Our Solutions Include:

Children outside using technology

Seamless And Secure Connectivity


Our networking services help schools to cater to growing numbers of users and devices, enhance download and upload speeds, we ensure classroom time is spent on learning rather than troubleshooting.


We use tools that monitor the security and performance of servers 24/7. These tools can flag up potential issues before they have the chance to cause disruptions, enabling our team to resolve them promptly.


From firewalls and backup lines to highly secure private WLAN networks for trusts, we’re experts in ensuring that the networks of schools and academies are secure and compliant with DfE and KCSIE standards.


When things go wrong, you can rely on our local teams of experts to quickly respond and resolve the issues. For day to day and strategic planning, you can rely on our expertise to build efficient, cost-effective and secure infrastructure. 

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Faster Speeds

Don't let slow speeds get in the way of learning. Our networking solutions empower schools' students and staff with faster browsing, downloading and application speeds throughout their IT environment, enabling them to get more done with losing time unnecessarily.

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Cyber Secure & Compliant

Your infrastructure is also the foundation for your compliance and cyber security. With VIT Education, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your broadband and network are configured in line with DfE and KCSIE standards, and that our expert team will always be on-hand to offer critical assistance when needed.

Better Yet Budget-Friendly

We've helped dozens of schools to upgrade their broadband solution to offer higher performance while eliminating the costs associated with traditional broadband infrastructure; we can help you to achieve this too.

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