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Empower The Success Of Students And Staff

Create Cutting-Edge Teaching And Learning Experiences


Deliver engaging, feature-rich and versatile classroom experiences both physically and remotely. Empower staff to achieve more, using less. 


Secure your devices from unsafe use and today’s cyber threats using a range of protective measures and smart content filtering and monitoring tools.


Streamline device management and monitoring to improve performance, lower costs, and better ensure and demonstrate compliance. 

Procurement, Support And Management For:

Boy At Home Wearing School Uniform Having Online Lesson Via Video Call On Mobile Phone

Supporting Your Learning Launchpads To Be Secure, Powerful And Compliant


We offer support with all stages of the device procurement process and can help you to source and implement the most cost-effective solution for your needs and goals. 


Using intelligent safeguarding and monitoring tools, we can roll out safer learning experiences across your devices, ensuring safe content, browsing and use of digital learning tools.

Device Security

We offer layers of protection for school devices to ensure they are safe from misuse and cyber threats, including antivirus, content filtering, monitoring tools, and user access controls.


Manage your devices across your IT environment seamlessly. Empower monitoring, reporting, lifecycle management, and track the performance of devices across your school.

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Create Better Learning Experiences

With the right devices, your school can drive more engagement and interaction both in physical and remote lessons, personalise learning, use class time more effectively, and empower access to a diverse range of learning resources, contributing to superior learning outcomes.

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Create Better Learning Experiences

With robust cyber security measures in place for your devices, you can ensure that your devices are secure from external threats and internal misuse. With our device management solutions, assuring the security of your learning environments becomes easier to see and verify.

Improve Collaboration

Whether its collaborating on learning in-class or remotely, or improving collaboration and productivity for your staff, our cost-effective device solutions make it easier to get the best functionality and performance from vendors at an affordable cost.

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