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Procure Better Technology Cost-Effectively

Transform Your School Or Trust Without Breaking The Bank


We help schools and MATs to get the best from their budget, helping them to hone in on software, hardware and infrastructure solutions that can give them the best value. 

Lifecycle Support

Get practical and strategic support across the full span of your procurement processes, ensuring that better learning, compliance and convenience from start to finish.


Acquire and implement IT solutions that can flex to your requirements and integrate with your existing technology seamlessly. 

Helping Schools To Find And Use Better Technology

End-To-End Procurement Support

Requirement Discovery

We work closely with you to fully understand your procurement goals and constraints, and assess your IT environment to help you to develop a procurement strategy that can get the best from your budget, goals, and timelines. 

Vendor Selection & Sourcing

We identify and connect you with the best solutions on the market that align with your goals and requirements. We carefully select and present vendors to you, and can work with them where needed to negotiate better solutions and agreements.

Acquisition & Procurement

Handling the purchasing process with precision and care, our team can take care of the ordering and logistics for you. We take care to document all acquisitions for you carefully, ensuring convenience and better lifecycle management for your school.

Implementation & Support

We can directly assist with the implementation of procured solution for your school or trust and offer ongoing support for them post-implementation.

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Save Time And Costs, Get Better Value

Remove uncertainty and waste from your procurement processes while tapping into customisable, cost-effective and sector-leading solutions that help you to improve learning outcomes without compromising your budget, requirements, and compliance.

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Quality Technology, Fitted To Your Schools

Whether it's a network connectivity solution, or new hardware for your students and staff, we will be able to help you to find the best-in-class solutions to empower your learning and teaching experiences.

Expert Support & Advisory

With expertise spanning networking, hardware, compliance, cyber security, and a range of platforms and software solutions being deployed by schools across the country, you can lean on our team to offer both day to day and strategic support with your procurement and digital transformation efforts.

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Tap Into Lower Costs And Superior Technology By Booking Your Discovery Session Today.