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IT Solutions

Supporting, Transforming And Securing Schools And MATs

Helping you to improve pupil outcomes

Empower Learning

Use technology to deliver better and more personalised learning outcomes, empower your staff, remote learning and working, and centralised decision making. 


We understand your need to deliver better learning experiences while remaining compliant and in-budget. No salesy tactics, just solutions that help you to succeed. 


Ensure that safeguarding standards and data protection requirements are behind adhered to across your IT environment, get proactive support with understanding and efficiently implementing new DfE and KCSIE standards.

Our IT Solutions For Schools and MATs

Our Solution Process

Whether we’re delivering our managed Titanium cloud package or implementing a digital transformation project, our tailored solutions are implemented cost-effectively and efficiently. We don’t rock the boat without good reason nor implement ‘shiny’ solutions for the sake of it. We’re careful to understand how you work, what you really need to succeed, and from there, design and implement IT solutions that move the needle for your students and staff.

Consultation And Discovery

We begin the journey with a personalised consultation where we dive deep into your specific IT challenges and goals. Our experts conduct a thorough assessment of your current IT infrastructure, software, and digital learning environment. With your goals and this understanding together, we’re able to design solutions that practically achieve your goals while taking into account the constraints you’re facing. 

Planning & Solution Design

Here, we start transforming insights into action. We develop a roadmap that dually tackles your challenges and empowers your goals. Whether it’s robust and compliant safeguarding and cyber security measures, or implementing Microsoft cloud solutions for work and learning, each solution is crafted carefully to each school and trust to ensure their security and success.

Implementation & Integration

We bring your transformation vision to life with smooth, disruption-free implementations of new technologies. We take a holistic approach covering integration, user adoption, compliance and cyber security together, taking care of the heavy lifting while working closely with your team to deliver a harmonious and secure solution. 

Ongoing Support

Doing better, always is a key part of what we do. Throughout the process, you will have access to our team and the expertise of our network of consultants. Whether it’s supporting your users, reviewing and refining your IT solutions, and keeping them aligned with regulatory requirements, we ensure you are fully supported before, during and after implementation.

Have an IT Challenge? Speak to our experienced team.

Empower Your Staff And Students

We help schools and MATs to tap into a world of IT solutions for improving learning and teaching outcomes. From upgrading network speeds and enabling remote work and learning, to implementing streamlined cyber security and compliance measures that safeguard your students and data from misuse or cyber threats, we can help your school to do it efficiently and effectively.

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Achieve More, With Less

Our solutions enable schools to save classroom and working time by enabling your school to tap into integrated, fast and reliable technology. Our specialist IT support powers seamless day to day learning experiences, while our strategic support helps your school to navigate its regulatory, procurement and IT roadmap challenges.

Enterprise Grade Security, Assured Compliance

We put cyber-security at the heart of everything that we do. Our team the decades of experience spanning both the education and cyber security sectors, enabling us to provide schools with compliant and highly secure protection for their devices, applications, user accounts, and network.

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